The word biodiversity is the contracted form of two words, Biology and Diversity. Biodiversity defines the presence of diversity in the living world. The diversity has three fundamental facets and it can be traced hierarchically from genetic material to species up to whole ecosystem. These three components are interwoven and their interactions create biome. Genetic diversity is the result of variable number combinations of genetic materials called nucleic acids in DNA, the unit of life. Diversity of species signifies number of species in a habitat. To be more precise it refers to number of animals of different taxonomic groups present in a single habitat or in the world. Ecosystem refers to the community of living organisms, their interaction among themselves and with non-living components like soil, water air etc.

The biodiversity is facing immense threat from human practices, which is destroying the sustainability of the ecosystem. Untenable harvesting of natural resources, animals, and plans is the major cause behind biodiversity. Incursion of alien or nonnative species is changing the structure of ecosystem. Loss, degradation, and fragmentation of land are caused by rapid transformation of the character of lowlands, forests for agricultural and industrial needs. Apart from these reasons pollution, climate change, excessive population growth is an over exploitation of natural resources, which has put biodiversity on the verge of destruction.

Biodiversity Reporting award is a combined effort of Conservation International (CI), Fundación Biodiversidad, International Center for Journalists and International Federation of Environmental Journalists.The award appreciates the reportage of environmental and biodiversity issues. It felicitates the talented environmental journalists for their unmatched contribution in highlighting environmental issues. The award provides winning journalists for their quality works a life changing opportunity to attend training, building capacity and chance to attend the International Media & Environment Summit. It provides a platform, where all the media people from different parts of the world get the chance to interact and exchange views. This award ceremony is a high profile event, where who's who of government, private sector enterprises ,media houses are invited to provide winners industry exposer and help them to continue with due remuneration and incentive.

The organization uses online system for judging works by a 5-member panel from each country. These panel members are eminent media personalities and the target is to bring these people to a common podium to support, recognize and stimulate excellent environmental media initiatives. These panel members see the works from a secure BDRA webpage and evaluate them by specific instruction.  According to the organizers, the process has made it possible for them to select qualified environmental journalists, academics for judging the articles. The initiative is working towards creating environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility in a sustainable form.